David Bilger plays Tomasi and more!

One of the great orchestral trumpet players currently performing in the USA is David Bilger, principal trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  His playing exemplifies everything we strive for as trumpet players.  Listen and learn from a master!

Mambo Legends Orchestra!

I’m long overdue for a blog post……here’s something to get things rolling again.  Great latin ensemble full of some best players on the East Coast.  Formerly the Tito Puente Orchestra.


Ingrid Jensen!

Canadian trumpet player Ingrid Jensen is on the cutting edge of jazz trumpet. She’s been a member of the Maria Schneider Orchestra for years and regularly performs with dozens of award-winning groups as a leader and sideman. Ingrid is also Artist-in-Residence on the trumpet faculty at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Her sound is beautiful and an endless amount of innovative creativity pours out of her horn. Check out this video and see what you think!

Tanglewood Music Center Trumpet Masterclass – MUST WATCH!

The Boston Symphony’s Tanglewood Music Center has recently released a 5-part YouTube video series titled “The Art of Section Playing”.  This is the best video series I’ve ever seen on the subject, and some of the best instruction available by two of the best orchestral trumpeters in the USA, Tom Rolfs and Ben Wright.  Rolfs and Wright take you through what makes great orchestral trumpet sections sound the way they do, and how to take your own playing (and section) to the next level(s).  The level of intricacy in which they teach will shock most trumpeters.  Their students already play at a very high level, yet through the demonstrations of Rolfs and Wright details are found that a tweak or adjustment.  Also note how the students take criticism.  Direct comments are made often (some pointed and some more general) and every student takes them in stride, never questioning authority.  One has to have a certain level of maturity to be able to handle direct criticism (especially in front of peers) and they all show an extremely high level.

These videos show what it takes to be the best of the best.  You can practice to an extremely high level of skill and yet there is always room for improvement.  Enjoy!

Alison Balsom – Sound The Trumpet

Alison Balsom has just released a new album on EMI featuring the music of Handel and Purcell. Balsom performs throughout on Baroque trumpet and it’s just stunning. I wholeheartedly recommend every recording Alison’s produced. She’s one of the best trumpet soloists of our time. Enjoy this promotional video!

Matthias Höfs, trumpet

Matthias Höfs is one of Germany’s finest trumpet players. He is currently professor of trumpet at the University of Music and Theatre in Hamburg, Germany. He is famous for his long tenure with the German Brass and has produced seven solo albums. Höfs is one of my favorite trumpet players-he can play anything with a beautiful, resonant sound and technique to spare.

The first video is from one of his recent solo albums where he performs Enesco’s Legend. The second video shows his versatility in playing a Spanish-themed piece. The third video is the German Brass performing Bach BWV 972 after Vivaldi Violin Concerto RV 230. It features Höfs piccolo trumpet playing throughout in amazing technical and lyrical fashion. In addition to the beautiful trumpet sound and virtuosic technique, listen to his pitch accuracy. It’s uncanny. Enjoy!