Matthias Höfs, trumpet

Matthias Höfs is one of Germany’s finest trumpet players. He is currently professor of trumpet at the University of Music and Theatre in Hamburg, Germany. He is famous for his long tenure with the German Brass and has produced seven solo albums. Höfs is one of my favorite trumpet players-he can play anything with a beautiful, resonant sound and technique to spare.

The first video is from one of his recent solo albums where he performs Enesco’s Legend. The second video shows his versatility in playing a Spanish-themed piece. The third video is the German Brass performing Bach BWV 972 after Vivaldi Violin Concerto RV 230. It features Höfs piccolo trumpet playing throughout in amazing technical and lyrical fashion. In addition to the beautiful trumpet sound and virtuosic technique, listen to his pitch accuracy. It’s uncanny. Enjoy!

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