Tanglewood Music Center Trumpet Masterclass – MUST WATCH!

The Boston Symphony’s Tanglewood Music Center has recently released a 5-part YouTube video series titled “The Art of Section Playing”.  This is the best video series I’ve ever seen on the subject, and some of the best instruction available by two of the best orchestral trumpeters in the USA, Tom Rolfs and Ben Wright.  Rolfs and Wright take you through what makes great orchestral trumpet sections sound the way they do, and how to take your own playing (and section) to the next level(s).  The level of intricacy in which they teach will shock most trumpeters.  Their students already play at a very high level, yet through the demonstrations of Rolfs and Wright details are found that a tweak or adjustment.  Also note how the students take criticism.  Direct comments are made often (some pointed and some more general) and every student takes them in stride, never questioning authority.  One has to have a certain level of maturity to be able to handle direct criticism (especially in front of peers) and they all show an extremely high level.

These videos show what it takes to be the best of the best.  You can practice to an extremely high level of skill and yet there is always room for improvement.  Enjoy!

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