New teaching location – Milwaukee’s East Side

Starting August 1st I will be moving my teaching studio from Brass Bell Music Store to Be Sound Music Studio.  I’m excited to be joining a small, elite group of teachers that are dedicated to expert level instruction in a fresh, inspiring environment.  Stay tuned for details about an upcoming open house, clinics, small ensemble classes, and more!

Be Sound is located just off of North Ave and Prospect Ave on Milwaukee’s East Side, immediately north of Whole Foods and across the street from Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital.

Be Sound on Facebook
Be Sound website

Be Sound teachers

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  1. Good luck with all you do, and good chops to you Eric. You are the best in the trumpet Milwaukee scene. That took a lot of work on your part, but I knew it was worth it brother. Dave Drews wishes you well (Curtis school 1960s) and I can only follow your spit valves into glory! You go brother!

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